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ALICE DAYS By ANDREY LOURENÇO (Follow: @andreylourenco)
Alice Day is an event inspired by the tales of the English writerLewis Carroll - Alice in Wonderland and Alice Through the Looking Glass. Project created by photographer and graphic design student, Andrey Lourenço, and aimed to meet local artists from Natal/Brazil, who live in anonymity, and giving them space to display their work, thus contributing to the cultural society Rio Grande do Norte , Providing opportunities for them to contemplate what is beautiful andaesthetic in the various forms of art.
The photographs were prepared and developed by photographerAndrey Lourenço. New concepts were awarded to literary classics, among the playful and fashionable, with operations in the casting of models TráfegoModels agency headed by the renowned George Azevedo.
Dresses: Riccard8 San Martini - Make-up: Leo Santhiago

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